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Lessons from Motherhood for Leadership

I read a quote by Jill Churchill a while back: "There is no way you can be a perfect mother and a million ways you can be a good one."

As a mother, I used to feel like I had to be perfect to be a good mom. And as a leader, I sometimes feel like I have to be perfect to be a great leader. But the truth is, being a good leader is about embracing imperfection

We read all these books on outstanding leadership and attend seminars on great leadership. But what is wrong with being a good leader? Make an effort with good intentions towards your people. Show up by being attentive, giving respect, making space for mistakes, and risk-taking. Take responsibility when you don't get it right because you will fall sometimes.

It's about making an effort with good intentions towards our people, being attentive, respecting, making space for mistakes, and taking responsibility when we don't get it right.

Motherhood has taught me important lessons about leadership specifically, being intentional and good is good! This quote by Jill Churchill and a long cry session with my mother probably saved my sanity as a mom. So this dishes are in the sink, the laundry room is a mess, toys are everywhere playroom, crayon and marker-stained work laptop, ice-cream chocolate covered tired out napping kiddos' mom wishes you all a Happy Mother's Day!

And this imperfect leader who is striving for good wishes you all a happy Asian American and Pacific Islander Awareness and Celebration Month!

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