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Wrapping up the resiliency conversation :)

Hello there! The team and I recently took a break and discovered its necessity. Now that we are back, we feel refreshed and excited to tackle the work we love.

As leaders, we all have defining moments that shape our approach and guide our development. In our recent webcast with Beth Milaszewski, LICSW, and Danielle Frankel, they emphasized the importance of recognizing when we are experiencing a trauma response and staying within our tolerance zone. If you missed it, you can watch it here.

It was truly eye-opening.

I am sharing the part that resonated with me and that I had to apply recently. I received an upsetting email about one of my team members. I did not appreciate the way the individual was portrayed, and the email itself was pretty nasty, to be honest. However, thanks to the insights from the webcast, I realized that I had gone beyond my tolerance zone. All the markers we discussed were there: shortness of breath, increased heart rate, tense shoulders, etc.

Instead of impulsively reacting, I took a step back and practiced self-care. I had a glass of water and talked with my calm and collected husband. This moment of reflection was invaluable and prevented me from making unproductive decisions, like firing off a retort.

This experience reminded me of the significance of not reacting impulsively in challenging situations. Especially as leaders, we must be vulnerable enough to recognize when stepping away is best.

I would love to hear from others about their approaches to realigning themselves within their tolerance zone.

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