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We create and execute innovative HR strategies that boost employee efficiency, engagement, and productivity at healthcare and non-profit organizations.

we are transformational

Healthcare and non-profit organizations work with SyzyGen to develop and execute people strategies. Our work is individualized rather than prescriptive in nature. Our objective with each and every engagement is to cultivate the kinds of employee results that will maximize the performance of your hospital.


"Execution is the ability to mesh strategy with reality, align people with goals, and achieve the promised results"

Lawrence Bossidy

about us

For almost two decades, we’ve partnered with leaders across the healthcare and non-profit industries to bring forth effective solutions that create fundamentally sound and powerfully effective workforces—for the present and future success of the company.


Here’s what our clients, collaborators, and colleagues have to say about SyzyGen: 

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what our clients have to say:

syzygen rav reviews
I had the privilege to work with Busayo on several initiatives at Boston Medical Center. Our work centered on work place culture, diversity, and growing our internal talent. Busayo was able to tap into the needs of the business through her work in human resources. She put BMC on a pathway to success and changed the way I view HR professionals. She was more than a partner, she drove the business.

Justin Williams, Chief Development Officer, Boston Medical Center 

Get Your Company PREPAReD© for Success

We strongly believe in taking a heavily data-driven approach to delivering tailored HR solutions. SyzyGen’s PREPAReD© Process covers six critical categories for creating the most effective people strategies:

Purpose, Resources, Employees, Processes, Architecture, Regulations, and Diversity.

how syzygen can support you

 Whether you’re just starting out, heading towards expansion, or somewhere in between, we’re your dedicated partner in building a workforce that really works for you. Here’s how:

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Improve Your Operational Efficiency


Attract Top Talent to Best Fit Your Team


Retaining, Engaging, and Developing Your Workforce

the syzygen client journey

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First, we think of the big picture and talk through your current status and future goals.

01. discovery session

03. data collection

We meet with internal stakeholders and focus groups to collect various data points that we organize and analyze.

Then, we define our objectives and scope of work. Followed by a meeting to map out the project more specifically, including phased timelines and key stakeholders.

02. project planning


assumption formulation

In synergizing the data, we generate a report based on our SyzyGen Model of Alignment. 

05. presentation of findings

Then, we meet again to review the results, present our findings, and discuss the blueprint for next steps.

06. future planning

Finally, we partner in developing the strategy and actions for next steps based upon the data and findings.

Ignite Your Leadership Journey

Join us for an exclusive program for healthcare leaders aimed at drive impactful change in yourself and your organization.



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let's get to work

Our door is always open. Let us work together to develop a people strategy that will propel your company to the next level.

Message received, thank you! We'll be reaching out within the next 24 hours to set up time to connect.

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